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michael shelley

I was not even sure how to title this thread but I will try and describe what I am looking for and hope someone can help. There must be something to fit on the market. I have an a/v receiver and its quite limited in that it only takes s-video and a single component input and won't mix and match the outputs

I am looking for a set top box similar to that which the high end pioneers use so that i can wallmount my plasma and have one feed going into it (and only have to channel one cable in the wall). My set top box will take all the inputs and output to my nice big plasma.

It will need to take DVI (MCE PC), Scart x 2 and HDMI (s-video and a single RCA jack component input would be optional) as inputs. At the moment I am not fussed about encrypted HD format.

It will then need to output to either one of the following which would in turn input in to the Plasma. I am not sure which one of these would be best:
1. 5 x BNC RGB terminals (RGB - Y, CB/PB and CR/PR plus horizontal and vertical syncs)
2. 3 x RGB RCA jacks (Y, CB/PB and CR/PR)

The plasma is an old(ish) Pioneer PDP-501MX (50in). It supports HD in that it has a resolution of 1280x768 but it precedes the HDMI socket format - hence the RGB inputs

grateful for any help - cheers

Dave R

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I'm looking for something similar. My plasma will be wall mounted some way (about 5m) from my source components. I really don't want to have to run 5 cables (Scart for Sky, Component + Audio for DVD, and composite + audio for VHS) all the way up to the plasma. So I was thinking of just one (or maybe 2 for audio as well) leads up to the plasma with everything else going in to a switch box. Something that would input the above RGB, component and composite feeds, and output component.

The nearest thing I've found is a Scart switch box on This would mean I couldn't use the component from the DVD player which would be a shame, but I suppose RGB would suffice. Although it doesn't do conversion, it would input RGB from the DVD and Sky, and composite from VHS, and output composite or RGB as applicable in the same lead.

QED and JS Technologies do a RGB to component converter, but not the all in one solution I was looking for.

Any ideas? Thanks.

michael shelley

i have had some further thoughts about how i am going to do this. Compnent (for me) is out as it means converting the signal - and i cannot see how this could maintain quality

My choice would be to go the RGB route and as Dave R said get a scart switcher. I bought one of these from

...thinking i would be able to get some 75ohm phono to RCA cables and plug RGB scart output into the plasma that way. The problem is that having now bought 4 cables for RGB and H/V sync the best i can get on the screen is an 'out of range' message on the screen. At worst i get zero, zilch, nothing.

So the question is should it work - if i output RGB from a scart socket should i be able to plug it into RGB and sync RCA sockets and get a signal?

The only obvious thing that I could be doing wrong it that the tvcables scart adapter only has 4 outputs (RGB and sync) whereas my plasma has 5 inputs RGB, vertical sync and horizontal sync. The documentation does however seem to indicate just one of the syncs to cover both horizontal and vertical


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as for sync you may be able to set plamsa to Composite video sync or combined sync instead of seperate syncs (h and V) but a scaler/VP (video processor) is the ideal HUB as it can imporve PQ by using better scaling techniques and things like better de-interlacers than your source or display have. a video processor £800 new or £300 secohand (ootm end) is the best bet for you at the moment if you dont want a new screen a new good 50" will cost £2.5k+so it depends on how much you are willing to spend.

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