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I've noticed from a few of your Plasma piccies that some of
you have your Plasmas mounted in wall - Looks very cool!
I'm interested in knowing if people attempted this themselves
or whether people opted for professional installs?
I have a nice dry wall that I'm contemplating cutting in to and could do with some tips, advice on surrounds etc etc.

I built a wood & Plasterboard wall for mine, and it has turned out exactly how I imagined it would,

I also put in some shelves (self built) to house my DVD collection

I just left a hole at the floor, and one at the back of the plasma to poke all the cables thru.

my wife was gobsmacked as I have never shown any decorating skills in the past LOL

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Just to be absolutely clear on this one - most of the installations as posted are 'on wall' rather than 'in wall' - the flat 'on wall' wall mounts that can be purchased only add around 20mm to the depth of the plasma display.

It is technically possible to mount a plasma 'in wall' but careful consideration to heat dissipation must be made before you go down this route.

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Thanks for that Joe. Maybe its my flagging eye sight ;) I saw an
episode of Grand Designs recently, where the guy had installed a
totally flush mounted plasma and in wall sound system which looked fantastic.
Don't know what it is, but I'm totally infatuated by trying to conceal wires :rolleyes:
Before I bought my current (new-build) house, I channeled grooves out into the cement floor with a groove cutter and chisel for backup, to take all of my speaker cable runs. The wooden floor was laid afterwards and I pulled the cable through with runs of string.

Joe Fernand

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Sounds like you found a good builder - we have a customer who's paying £500,000.00 for a new build and her builder wont even let us on site to look at running cables; so once the place is handed over we will need to go in and make holes for cables and the like!!!

Theirs a thread somewhere on the forums about the Grand Designs 'revisited' episode with the squeaky clean new build with the Kitchen as the Central hub in the big room - try a search. If it is the same episode it s worth noting that they actually have floor mounted main speakers - QUAD Electrostatic units.

I dont think you are alone in wanting to bury all those ugly cables - though some prefer to 'show them off' if they have spent a fortune on them!!!

There are some very high quality 'in wall' speakers systems around - look at as an example of what is achievable; they even have full THX certification (at a Price mind) though we dont get to install too many of those.

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daren jackson

As I am in the process of gutting a house I had the benefit of hiding all my cables. The TV in the kitchen is in fact a LG 1810 18" LCD monitor (connected to a HTPC).

The lounge has a Cyrus solution (awaiting delivery) which will be connected to a plasma "on the wall". As was said earlier you need adaquate ventilation (although LCD screens are not as bad as plasma)


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Unfortunately my builders, David Mclean Homes wouldn't let me in and I
had to do the work the day after completion. I wanted to run a ton of
CAT5 before the plaster board went up also, but in true UK builders
style (as with Fairclough and Barratt) they told me to bugger off.

I've posted in another thread, but just to let you know, I opted for
the hanging on wall option rather than in wall. You guys were right
about the heat.

(FYI from the other thread -)
... I couldn't force myself to spend £150+
on a wall bracket - Call me a miser but that's just taking the
proverbial in my opinion. I didn't need / see the point in any sort of
tilt either. Anyway, I nipped out to B&Q and bought 4 x M8 40mm bolts
and 4 flush mount picture/mirror holders for approx £10. The plasma is
now mounted very firmly to the wall ...

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