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I'm about to take the plunge into the world of plasma televisions and buy a Panasonic TH42PA20BS screen.

My biggest problem is that our existing 32" Sony CRT TV sits on a mahogany wooden finish cabinet, with our VCR and NTL tuner sitting on shelves hidden behind two glass doors. This cabinet is too small for the bigger dimensions of the plasma.

My wife is insistent that the new TV sits on a similar style of cabinet, i.e.
mahogany wood
glass doors to keep dust off AV equipment

Ideally I'd like enough shelf space to hold the VCR, the NTL tuner, my DVD player and my AV amp as well !

She isn't too happy at the thought of it being replaced with the Panasonic stand, any uPVC / silver stand, a glass stand or heaven forbid a pine finish unit - that wouldn't match other furniture !

Can anyone please advise me if they know of any retailers ( high street or internet ) who cater for such fussy people !



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You could try ARCA - they do a number of AV units made of wood that enable you hide everything. I had the same problem when I got my plasma, the wife insisted that everything be hidden. Their website is and they are pricey but worth it IMHO.

I've attached of my setup with 3 ARCA series 100 units which hide the following:

XBOX, CD Player, Cassette Deck, Centre Speaker, SKY+ Box, Plasma Tuner Box, Linksys Wireless Media Adapter, Tuner, DVD Player and Amplifier.




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Having seen stands unique and Arca stuff in the past, if you are put off by the price (more than your standard AV rack), the build quality and finish are amazing!
They are higher standard than alot of the even more expensive racks and even furniture that i've seen!!



Thanks a lot for the replies.

Unfortunately, I still can't locate a TV stand ( aka entertainment unit ) that satisfies my other half !

A few of the catalogue shopping websites such as Marshall Ward, GUS, Freemans etc etc have wooden stands but none of them are large enough to safely accomodate a 42" plasma, and associated AV hardware - behind glass.

So it looks as if I'll need to keep the old Sony CRT :-(

Thanks again
Slightly off topic but the same theme.

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Originally posted by Elvis
mahogany is a tropical hardwood and using it to prop up your TV isn't very environmentally friendly.

And mahogany is Very expensive! 9/10 manufacturers use sapele and call it mahogany.

We had a Friends of the earth demonstration outside our work as they got a sniff we were using mahogany from somewhere tropical, the MD had to go and prove to them it was African before they lynched him! :)


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I personally think the arca furniture looks great but, it is quite dear.

Take a look here. I cant seem to get the link to the exact page so click on wall units and media storage.

Journalist two door cabinate £45

Or click on shelves and bookcases. The 'Ameral' sideboard looks quite good.


funiture talk aside...I think you need to have words with your misses Andrew ;-)

Plasma screen or matching funiture ?


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I saw the Quadraspire QKAV cabinet at the Bristol Show and it was a classy piece of kit.

The glass doors open out and slide into the sides of the cabinet.

It was gorgeous and I would have bought one but it was too expensive, £800 if I remember correctly.

Nice though if you can afford one !

Gliese 581c

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I love all them av stand manufacturers.... do they think were that daft to think that they are going to look as good after they actually plug something up and run a few wires ? ;-)

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