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Plasma screen connecting to a pc problem


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Hello peeps.

A newbie here.

Just got my new LG50PC55 and so far am pretty chuffed with it.

I have been using the laptop on it via the VGA lead and its been cracking for watching films and stuff.

So I have just upgraded my desktop to a nice shiney black case to us as a media center on the tv.

I am having some slight problems though and wondered if anyone has any Ideas.

THe laptop has worked fine using the same lead I am using on the desktop. so I think that is fine,

When I plug in the PC it comes up with the XP splash screen but as it goes to the login screen it goes blank and the TV displays no signal.

So I thought it was finger trouble on my behalf so I checked it all out and connected it back the the 21 inch CRT monitor (using the same lead again)

And it is working fine.

So I unpluged the lead plugged it into the tele then selected the PC input with the remote gadget and again no signal.

If I boot up the PC in safe mode it works.reen

The Graphics card is an NVIDIA 32 MB thing and only has the high density 15 pin d plug connector on it. So nothing to fancy on that end.

So it all seems fine but no picture/signal.

Im not sure whether there are any setting i need to change on the graphics card. (not sure how too either) Or Whether I need a driver for the plasma screen.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance.



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The problem could be that its outputting a resolution that the screen does not like, maybe something like 800x600 though not sure. The graphics drivers have probably not kicked in at this point so will not output the correct resolution.

You could try not using a login and letting it go straight to windows, that should work.


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Thanks for a quick response.

am unable to get as far as being able to log in.

All I can get is the windows XP Pro splash screen, you know the black background with the words and the little blue bar below. Once it goes onto the next part the plasma goes blank. Then When I plug it into the CRT monitor, without powering anything down, It comes up with the blue screen on the CRT with the ability to select a user account and log in.


just wondering

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try changing the res on the computer , to say 1024x768.

i have the 60inch version and i am having the same issues with a old laptop i have , the laptops graphic card a 5200 geforce , does not allow me to use 1360x768 i've tried rivatuner and powerstrip , but i cant make the res , the graphics card on the laptop can output various high screen resolutions , but i dont have the option for sizes more suitable for the panel.

i do have another laptop which does allow me to set the correct res and that works very nicely on the t.v

why not try booting into safe mode (keep tapping "F8" as windows begins to load) change the screen res to 800x600 , then try playing with the resolutions , its not the tv by the sounds of it , its the graphics card on your laptop , sounds like you have the same issues as me.....i'm a bit miffed as i'm toooooo lazy to take the laptop i use upstairs , down stairs to watch h.d stuff , the other laptop would of been perfect accept for the graphics card available resolutions....i had hoped powerstrip or rivatuner would of done the trick , but it appears not to.


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I had a quick look at the manual for the tv and it has a table of supported resolutions on page 35.

Connect it to the crt monitor and change the resolution to one that the plasma supports and then re-connect it up to the plasma. If it still wont work it might be that the graphics card does not know what your display is, it can be a bit of an issue with some nvidia cards.

It might be worth trying different graphics card drivers as I have found in the past that these can affect things quite a bit. Annoyingly they try to be helpful and detect when a new display in connected, changing the routput resolution. They cant just let you output the resolution you requested, oh no! :suicide:


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ah happy days.

1360x760 or something like that and 60 Hz worked a treat.

Thanks a lot for the help guys.

Got one more question now though lol.

The windows is displaying over to the left off the screen about an inch.

Is there anyway to adjust the axis?

On the old CRT monitor had some buttons on the front?

Or is it graphics card settings somewhere?

Thanks again.


just wondering

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if your setting options on the tv are the same as the 60 inch version , simply goto the screen menu and click it to auto , it will do all the shifting its self.

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