plasma screen, connect to dvd ??


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i would be gratful if someone would be so kind as to inform what is the best way to connect my dvd (panasonic sc-dt300) to a panasonic tx60 plasma screen (being delivered tomorrow)

the outputs on the dvd is video out (phono) or S Video, at the moment its connected to my crt tv via video out, single phono from the dvd to scart adapter on the tv, sound is taken care by a dedicated flat cable to the separate sound sound receiver.

Many thanks


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Don't you have a scart socket on the dvd player?

List of connections(best first)

RGB(through scart)


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Thanks for the info, but no the only connections are the phono marked video out and the s video socket.

which leaves me still a bit confused to what lead in need to get and what connection is the best to use.

many thanks


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Take the s video, it's the better one.

What dvd player do you have?


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thanks for that dimmie
the dvd is part of a dvd surround sound system panasonic SC-DT300,2 years old the dvd player is a separate box, connected to the surround sound amp box via a dedicated flat cable.
the only connection to the tv is via a phono lead from the video out, the sound is channelled through the surround sound amp via the flat cable.

I suppose i will know more when i get the plasma, but i assume it will have an s video input

hope i dont have to get a new dvd for best results as i had to do a lot of convincing to you know who, that a plasma screen was only thing that would make life worth living and bring unbridled joy to the marriage.

thanks again


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You probably won't have to buy a new dvd player, s video is pretty ok. it's almost as good as rgb(through a scart cable)

the video output will be dissappointing I think, on a big screen.

Let me know how it turned out



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Thanks dimitri
I will let you know how its works out.
but i have to pay a heavy price for getting the plasma, i have to decorate our home before i hook it it up, which is about 3 weeks time, but i will have to have a peek in the box now and again.

kind regards



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Thanks Neil
Sorry to be so green with all this, but have you any info on an upscaler, ie
what do they do, who makes them etc.



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upscaling dvd players will take a normal dvd and upscale it to near hi def resoultion so it will look its best on your new hd tv. they start around 100 i would recommend one to get the best out of your tv

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