Plasma Screen Cleaner

Don't use polish on the screen. You've also got various anti-glare and anti-reflection coatings on the screen and polish will reduce the effect of these. A damp cloth is all I'd take towards any monitor, plasma included. As for the surround, maybe a little bit of polish...

All the best,

Dr John Sim.
Yes just a damp cloth, only just damp!

And unplug the screen from the mains when you do it............

Best regards David
Have heard on here before that baby wipes are meant to be great specially for getting fingerprints of the screen
A damp cloth will leave water marks - the best imo is methylated spirit, which clears finger marks and anything else. Been using it for years - no problem. Don't use white spirit though, as this also leaves a deposit on the screen.
Hi, Wifey here again

Our local hifi dealer said they use camera lens cleaner. the spray type on their demo plasmas.
Well if you rteally want to spend some money on your screen and you have deposits that will not come off with just a damp cloth, get some RS screen wipes, these are designed for computer monitor screens anti glare and all!

Still think a damp cloth is all you need quite frankly!

Best regards David
I'd suggest isopropyl alcohol would be a safer bet than meths and probably not quite so pungent.

However I go with the damp cloth brigade.

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