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Plasma/Quintro/Digi-Sender Problem

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Craig706, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. Craig706


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    Hi Guys, I have tried to search for this...

    I have recently changed my TV to a Panasonic Plasma (PW6 - great service from AV sales) which runs through the Quintro switcher box.

    Here is the puzzle....

    Note. everything worked OK with my old set up (the only difference being the new TV and the Quintro Box)

    I have a digi sender plugged into my Sky box - connected as before, directly into the SCART on the SKY box).

    The sender works in sending a picture to my bedroom TV.

    There is an 'eye' on the digi sender which controls the switching of the SKY box. When the eye is pulled forwarded it blocks the working of the SKY box via the handheld remote (when in the same room as the SKY box). If the eye is pushed back (away from the SKY box) the remote works OK (although obviously when in the other room, the remote does not work as the eye is not facing the SKY box).

    Any ideas as to why the eye is blocking the SKY remote working? Its driving me mad!

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