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Hey! :)

I am hoping to purchase a Panasonic TH42PE30B soon, although various sites are selling this model at less than my local retailer. Hopefully they may honour some sort of price match deal. Well it's worth asking I suppose ... !

Anyway I am relatively new to the plasma market and I understand the basics of what is involved and the issues that are associated with these types of screens. However can you help me out with a few questions? :)

1) What should I look for once the plasma screen arrives? Any defects?
2) I've read that I should lower the contrast/brightness to a minimum for the first 100hrs - Are there any other aspects that I should keep to a minimum to begin with?
3) Does burning in lengthen the life of the screen or it is to increase tolerance towards still images displayed for long periods of time?
4) In the first 100hours can I watch channels with logos (Constantly displayed) for long periods of time (3-4hours)?
5) Would changing channels when adverts come on help in preventing burn in?
6) Any way to speed up the burn in process?
7) Can I increase the brightness/contrast settings to improve picture quality without damaging the screen in the long term (Sub 100hrs of use)?
8) Are x amount of year warranties worth it? Is the standard manufacturer's warranty one year? Did you purchase an extended warranty?

Thanks for your time and any feedback would be much appreciated - Just for reassurance before I make the plunge! :clap:

L8rs! :thumbsup:


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I would be interested to learn if you have already taken the plunge and bought the Panasonic?

I am also new to Plasma and this forum but I am also considering the same model.
With regard to warranties I think that John Lewis is well worth considering, whilst their prices are high compared to the various discount online stores, their 5 year Guarantee is an excellent bonus.

I bought a tv from them and it broke down after four years heavy use and they replaced it immediatelywith a new model.




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i purchased 42pe30 from j lewis thet pricematched it with sound and vision tv is aswome straight out the box up and running in 5min picture is superb still have contrast etc halfish way at the end of the day its a tv with a 5yr waranty get it out the box and use (you could die the next day)


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Quite a lot of questions, I'll try to answer each of them.

1. Other than anything obvious, there's really not much to look for. Plasma screens are built to a high standard now so I don't necessarily see any need to study the screen. Just sit back and look at the picture.

2. Yes, it's a good idea to "run" the screen in. Just avoid very sharp and static images. Just like running in a car, you don't use your lead foot for the first 500 miles etc.

3. Not really. Because it's a phosphor based display, it's a natural process. Normal CRT displays have the same characteristics.

4. Yes, that would be a good idea. Try to view a variety of program materials.

5. I tend to do that anyway, or fast forward the using Sky +. Adverts aren't bad by themselves, the main point is to vary what you watch.

6. It's not so much a "Burn In" process, but rather a run in. More a case of being sensible in the first 100 hours about not having bright static images displayed.

7. Watch the screen the way you like it. Certainly, give some test cards a go and get a good black level and colour. But it's your TV, you watch it how you like.

8. I think there's enough about this covered by Watchdog and various other consumer groups! I personally believe it's a bout finding the right extended warranty. These are built to a high standard, and don't have any moving parts. So should be reliable, but some do want the reassurance of back up if something does go wrong.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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