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Oct 10, 2005
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Hi to all,

Im looking into buying 42PD7200 plasma and wanted to ask u guys a few final questions before signing on the line….

I was looking into Panasonic/Pioneers until I stumbled across the Hitachi…. Looks superb and the more I find out about it the more I like it… just wondered if anyone would be kind enough to give me there opinion on the points below.. many thanks in advance..

1. where is the best place to purchase one from..?
2. are the various extended guarantees on offer worth having – if they don’t cover screen burn etc
3. what is the 42PD7200 like for screen burn using the built in luminance manager and white screen etc – do they help?
4. I am planning to use it with sony freeview unit and standard dvd also using an xbox with it for say 10hrs a weeks and then when the new xbox 360 comes out running that as well for the prog scan and hi def gaming.. will this level of console use result in screen burn/how can I avoid and limit it?
5. can the screen logos on freeview etc like ITV2 TMF be turned off or are you stuck with them/how long would it take for them to damage the screen? Or am I worrying for nothing?
6. how do people go about fitting a wall bracket to stud walls as in most houses these days… will screwing into the timbers think they are at 600 spacings be good enough..
7. thinking of getting the Hitachi bracket the PWT002 I think as its designed for it… any one else used them same/had any probs..?

Many thanks again for your time..

Hi m8 i have a pd 7200 so maybe i can help
1.I personally bought mine from electrosaver ,had to wait a while but they delivered when they said and with a 2 man team 2.

2.Ours is covered for 12months but our household insurance covers it as well .

3-5.I personally have never suffered from any form of screen burn or image retention ,and i use a playstation and have telewest cable .
Sometimes the ps has been on for a good 16 hrs playing iss evolution soccer and i have seen nothing at all.

6-7.I used the exact same bracket on mine and using 2inch 10 srews into timber will hold the plasma no problem at all.

Hope that helps and enjoy your screen . :thumbsup:
Great stuff,

Thanks for the reply, good to here from someone that already owns one....

Did u do any type of run in with it/do you get and test dvds with the screen..?

Many Thanks


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