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Just got a copy of a well known Hifi and Homecinema magazine and they do a comparison of a number of displays.. (they don't include a Panasonic or Pioneer set btw)

The end result of this comparison is that they argue against paying high ££ for a plasma against a conventional CRT based on picture quality. They say that it is not up to standard yet in terms of sharpness and dealing with fast movement.

They do however highlight the cool factor of a plasma and the space saving aspect.

Any thoughts!!

Any plasma owners wish they had bought a crt for the picture alone?? ;-)


Plasma is the only way. Pictures are fantastic (in my view) and don't underestimate the cool factor. People are amazed by its slimness and once you've lost all that weight you won't want it back again.

Price is no longer a real argument when you can pick up a 42'' for under £2500 and prices are still falling.

I'm still amazed by the sharpness and detail that it produces, particularly DVD. Dark scenes are still a challange and not quite up to CRT but not this is not enough of a problem not to go plasma and with screens such as the panny and pioneer on the market the days of CRT are numbered


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The report obviously doesn't take into account the geometry errors on the vast majority of flat-screen CRTs these days. I own a Sony Wega 28FX60 in addition to my Panasonic plasma and I vastly prefer the perfect geometry of the plasma to the deeper black level of the CRT.


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Originally posted by Lennyz
Just got a copy of a well known Hifi and Homecinema magazine and they do a comparison of a number of displays.. (they don't include a Panasonic or Pioneer set btw)

Nice one! Miss out the best of the plasma screens in your review, then criticise the rest.....

All the best,


Well said YYZ

I got my Panny Plasma last saturday after having all the usual worries about spending all this money on a one.

well its now one week old and I have bought my last CRT tv

the picture is just great far better than I expected, after reading negative interviews like the one your quoting,

well I dont listen to 99% of reviewers these days, my eyes & ears now do the reviewing. and my eyes tell me that this Plasma is the coolest thing thats ever crossed my doorstep!!!!

(except of course Kylie)

this forum is where you will get the best reviews of most Home Cinema hardware, good and bad, from people who are roadtesting the gear everyday in there homes


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I wonder if that is the same magazien that fell through my letter box ealrier on this week.

If it is, last month was an awards issue, where the 43 inch Pioneer was the award winner, with i think the Panasonic 4B highly commended....

The only one they havnt reviewed is the new Toshiba 42Wp!6 or what ever...

These three are the 3 im looking at...

Not sure what to go for either, esp with the connection hassle.


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I actually found a shop with a 42" Panasonic and took some disks down to have a play.

I must say that I have have reservations!

One thing that stood out over anything else was that the edges were slightly blocky and the edges of 'solorization' in the background.

THe worse thing was that my missing walked in and immediatly pointed the 'blocky' edges out and said that she wasnt' impressed!

She had a valid point.. She pointed out that I am so fussy that I have found things wrong with our CRT that she can't even see.. The fact that she could see the 'blocking' without any prompting means that I am bound to find it annoying.

I am only worried as buying a Plasma is a major investement. I am going to loose major functionality that I already have in my TV (Build in speakers, tuner, teletext, auto-switching etc). If I make the wrong decision now, there is no going back and I am never going ot hear the end of it from my other half.

I know that real people, here on this forum have stated how happy they are with their plasma purchase, but I can't help being nervous.

Jon Weaver

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What magazine are we actually discussing here.. I am not sure why we arn't allowed to mention the name of said publication. Surely its not a problem saying 'What Hifi' or 'HomeEntertainment' on this forum.

I have seen Plasma reviews in various magazines, but none fit the description of what has been discussed above.

On Saturday I saw a brand new magazine (I think called 'What Home Cinema).. That had plasma reviews, but did the Panasonic 4B, so I don't think this is the one.


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The article I am referring to is in the new What Hifi. I got it yesterday through my letterbox so it probably isn't in the shops yet..I have a subscription.

I wonder why they don't include the displays which everyone on these forums are going for like the Panasonics and the Pioneer MXE's??

Sometimes makes me wonder why I have a subscription. I get most of my information from the forum.



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Is the assumption that people with plasmas only watch films. What are they like, in the home, with ordinary TV programmes, eg news, Eastenders etc? What I have seen in shops is not very good.

And what's a sensible viewing distance for a 42"?

And what about the £2999 Samsung in Dixons?!



Peter, I think the BBC work on a viewing distance of 7x screen height - so about 3.5 metres. I watch my 42" panny from about this distance. From what I have seen in shops, they usually have very poor feeds (but you would see this on all the TVs - but bear in mind that you need to stand back as I wouldn't watch a 42" plasma from 6 feet away!). My local Panasonic shop just used another TV as a tuner and fed a composite signal to the panel.

I use mine with a Pace free to air DTV adaptor (RGB through my Sonfy DVD and on into a JS VGA converter) and the picture is usually excellent (although DVD is better). I also find watching composite from my video player acceptable too.

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Internal politics means you will probably never see the Pioneer MXE or Panasonic D model displays reviewed in a 'Consumer' magazine.

Both Pioneer and Panasonic have dedicated teams marketing and selling into the Consumer and Business markets and the Consumer magazines will not be seen as a legitimate target for the Business (MXE and D Model) displays.

So it will always be Pioneer HDE and Panasonic B model displays that will be reviewed in the Home Cinema mags.

Best regards


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