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Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I'm posting this message in Games and Plasmas.

We're thinking about getting a plasma TV, and I was wondering if the PS2 GCon2 gun works with a plasma. I don't really know how the guns work in terms of detecting where you're pointing, but I'm assuming that it won't stand a chance with a plasma. Is it a non-starter?



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No, the GunCon2 does not work with plasmas - not sure if there are any guns available that will work with Plasmas - if anyone knows different then please post, becuase it's a real shame not to be able to use gun games on such a great screen.

I don't understand how they work exactly but it's something along the lines of reading the scan-line on a normal tv and timing it at the correct refresh rate to work out where on the screen the gun is pointing. As plasmas do not scan like a normal CRT they will not work.


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Aww!!!!! :(

I thought it was something like that.

Although I find it technically amazing that the gun must be doing something along the lines of sensing how bright the TV is at the given point and working out, based on where in the scan process the TV currently is, what part of the image is being targeted.

What's my wife gonig to do when she wants to play with the gun?


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It's not good I agree.

Even 100HZ CRT TV's have no luck with the Guns.

It's a real shame. I miss the gun games.


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These guns work like light pens (remember them?) used to. They pick up where the line is being drawn, and the original video signal. Working out the delay between these give you and idea where on the screen it's being pointed.

This works fine when both the original video source and display are running at the same speeds. Problem is that 100Hz TVs and plasma screens (and anything with line doubling/scaling) display at a different rate than the source. End result is that you can't line up the source video to that being displayed. Light guns aren't as intelligent as you or I.

Your only option for these is to use a standard 50Hz TV.

Time Crisis on the PS was excellent with the gun!

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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