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Plasma PS question

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by sharkbait, May 9, 2003.

  1. sharkbait


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    This might be a REALLY dumb question ... :rolleyes: ... but I cannot figure the answer out myself. And I'm curious ...

    How much improvement would you expect to see in PQ on a plasma by switching to PS?

    The reason I was wondering is that the plasma is a progressive device anyway and will affectively attempt to de-interlace the picture.

    Would you expect a big improvement in PQ between ... say ... the display from a PS component out DVD signal and an interlaced component out DVD signal?

    I have tried to experiment with this on my Panny plasma with a Limit 9900 DVD player. There does not seem to be a huge difference and I am wondering whether:

    i) there isn't any difference really and any improvement is psychological cos I want it to be better, or

    ii) the Limit is not a good enough quality DVD player to produce a signal with a noticable difference.

    This is not a life or death question ... was just interested in understanding this better.
  2. They

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    Sep 10, 2002
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    It will depend upon the quality of the de-interlacing in the display and that of the source.

    If the Plasma has state of the art processing then there shouldn't be much to be gained by using a progressive DVD player.

    Of course if the Plasma video processing is only average then a DVD player with top quality de-interlacing should show an improvement, particularly with film source DVDs.

    Sounds like your experiment proves both items have similar quality processing but to what level I can't quantify. You may want to try a better DVD player with your plasma to assess the possibilities (perhaps one with a Faroudja or Sil504 processor).

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