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After playing with a plasma I tried to route my cable box through to the plasma. Going from scart out to RGB. My DVD works fine with the S-Video but unfortunately my Pail Sky box isn't playiong the game. Any ideas on this scrolling screen effect? it also puts the bottom of the screen at the top and the top of the screen at the bottom by splitting it in half. Any ideas? I know that the scart is routed in the right dorection, but as for the effect :confused:


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sounds like a vertical sync problem ... you might need to check the plasma setup for a 'sync on green' option to get the pic to stabalise ...



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Plasma's usually need sync from composite video signal. For this to work you need a scart to 4 bnc lead. That would mean RGB and composite video OUT at scart end.

If you are not using this then you need to look at getting an RGB to VGA comvertor from JonSim at RGBTO SVIDEO.COM and then go in on the VGA socket. Youshould also confirm that your chosen plasma will actually accept a 576i signal in RGB format.


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