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hi there all i have been looking at plasma tvs 4 ages and i have found 3 that i like but i cant choose which one is best here is a list ov them plus the best prices i can find :

pioneer-pdp433hde £5164

Tosh-tpd42wp16 £3758

Pana-th42pw4b £4581

there the 3 whats ones do u thinck are the best out ov the 3 i will be using it 4 mainly games my x box and im gona get it chiped so i want a high resolution and i want the best price + progessive scan allso if u no ov a better price at another website thats would be great plzzzzzzzzzzz help me !!!


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You can do much better on all of these...

The 433HDE is currently available (special offer) for £4500 including wall bracket at Bentalls (Kingston On Thames). Bentalls also have the Panny 42" for £3795 and the 37" version for £2795 (which is very good). They have a 2-year warranty on all plasmas but I have to say the sales staff are useless.

The Toshiba is reputedly available from Richer Sounds for £2999 although their website says £3999.

Finally, if you're looking for a very helpful dealer and competitivie prices, Joe @ TMF ( has the Tosh for about £3500 and the Panny for a similar price if I remember correctly. He also does the 433HDE and the 433MXE (display only, no TV-tuner) for £3844. The 433HDE/MXE are the only models from your selction that have higher resolution (1024 x 768). The others are 852 x 480.

Note that all plasmas are progressive scan as standard.

Other sites I usually check are:



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Just to back up what Phil has said, the Toshiba is available from Richer Sounds for £2999 inc VAT.

I checked it out at my local branch last Friday. The Catologues are correct, the price on the Web is wrong.

They also have the LG 42" panel for £2500, however this does not have Prog Scan and is not up to the PQ of the Toshiba, although it is pretty decent all the same.

For my money, I would get the Tosh for under £3K and next the Panny (I would get the Panny first if they were the same price as I prefer Panny brand :blush: )


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thx a lot guys that is so much help just on a diff note i was thinking ov getting a mains conditioner/filter and i was wondering what kind ov differnce this makes to picture quality !!!


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Just a couple of quick comments.

All plasma's are progressive except the ones using the Fujitsu sourced ALiS glass, but none of the ones on your list use it so nothing to worry about there.

If your main use is for games then do take care to read some of the many posts here on the subject of 'burn-in'.

It isn't as big an issue as it was, but if you tend to play games with areas of static high contrast image for hours at a time you may need to take some precautions to reduce the effect that will have on your screen over time.



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You do know that the Tosh is a rebadged panasonic so is exactly the same (apart from tosh is in silver case only)?

I have no regrets over the Tosh purchase I made, and I can also recommend Joe @ TMF - very helpful and great service too.


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i thought that burn in was not really a problem n e more cause they use new pevention technology like moving the pixals ever so slightly to update the picture on a still image so i feel that playing games are just fine on a plasma moniter n e who says i am wrong i am all ears cause i dont wanna mess my plasma up !!!

Joe Fernand

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Your panel line up is pretty much spot on but be aware that the Pioneer PDP-433HDE does NOT accept a progressive scan PAL input - it only accepts NTSC progressive scan.

The Toshiba as offered by Richard Sounds is an amazing offer - its better than I can buy them at trade; I have even heard it said in the last few days that they are taking a hit on each unit sold (but that's very possibly just a rumour to cover up how and from where they are getting stock at such low prices!).

Looking to the future and with an eye on what may lie around the corner re higher resolution output consuls and the like I would be tempted to add the recently introduced Pioneer PDP-433MXE display to your list - this is a 1024x768 panel and its just had a fairly major price drop and is VERY competitively priced against all of the 852x480 panels; including the soon to be released D5 panels from Panasonic.

Its also worth noting that Pioneer have some tricky circuitry that is primarily designed for 'static' text displays in commercial applications whereby the display is split into a patchwork of small squares and if there is no movement in any given square the panel gradually reduces the brightness of that area of the screen to minimise the 'burn in ' effect - this and the normal array of user invoked screen saver modes gives you plenty of 'safety' devices on this display.

Also worth noting that Panasonic have introduced something called 'Screen Wobble' to the new D5 models - 'shifts the images position by several pixels at fixed time intervals, to minimise phosphor aging'. Not seen it in action yet so dont know how it will work in practice.

On a side note, and possibly some of the hardened gamers here can confirm this, are you aware that you cannot use a 'gun' type input device with a plasma display!

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cool thx 4 all the help people keep all this stuff comming i love to read it!!!
i never new that the pioneer did not support pal progressive thats a major downer as that was the one i was looking at 4 my games damm:mad:

so now im stuck i dont no what plasma to go 4 should i wait 4 the new panasonic and c if its good and will offer me new features, or go 4 the tosh at a very good price (2999) ?

what plasma do u lot thinck what would be the best screen 4 me ?

i have a gamecube,xbox:D,ps2,and ill be buying the new pioneer dv-656A and chipping it 4 progressive i have so many region 2 dvds and i might be buying a PC so i can go in internet but all the plasma in the list have a pc conection so no problems there !!!!

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