Plasma PQ


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Had my JS converter box this morning,connected to VGA in 2secs flat and was completely overwelmed with the PQ,and I thought it was good before through scart.
Thanks to all the help and advice MEP and the boys have given me in the past,I should have listened to John Simm at the start instead of being such a tight fisted git,even the misses thinks it's great.
The next question is should I get a JS master scart switcher instead of my Vivanco through scart that I am using now for the DVD and VCR, keeping the JS converter for NTL and DVD using the scart board for VCR only.
Does that make sense.


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Glad you (and the missus) are happy mate. Never used the js master scart switcher, but you just kind of know it'll be good :)......but maybe Dr John can tell us how much better than the vivanco it is :)
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