plasma pixel dead,on pioneer 50" only 6months old. what can i do ?


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Apr 8, 2007
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my new plasma , pioneer 50" 1080i is fantastic and the best thing i own, only i just noticed a pixel is showing red sometimes and i wondered what the policy is under there guarantee before i contact them. any one else had this issue and how did you resolve it? it does show some colours correctly but not all the time. it is approx 9 inches from the left and 6 inches from the top. i dont notice it most of the time but when i do , icant stop looking at it. also it's my pride and joy and i want all the pixels to work. please advise. many thanks.
Manufacturers have different policies. I think the Pioneer one is if you can see it from your normal seating position they will look to replace it. But this usually means multiple dead pixels.

Best thing to do is contact your retailer, some are more accomodating than the manufacturer's policies would suggest.
You will be very lucky to get it swapped for one pixel. If you really really can spot it from where you sit normally you could argue your case with the retailer.

My tosh 32 has a dead pixel and i cant see it from more than about 4ft away so it has never botherd me.
Your lucky its only 1 (look carefully I imagine ther IS more) --

I had 4 pioneer 436xdes and every single one had dead pixels (and retention - but thats another story)

Pioneer will replace the panel if there is a few dead pixels within a certain distance from the centre of the screen (contact them - they are quite helpful - they have had enough practise with these faults!)

Good luck - you will need it
many thanks for all your replies, i shall contact the retailer first i think. it is visible from where i sit approx 8ft away but only on certain colours.
will keep you posted .
I wasnt fully awared of this issue before I noticed my defect pixel (left from the middle on my LX508D)
Sony and Samsung has 100% pixel warranty witch makes them safer to buy.
I dont have affored to guess next time I buy a new TV, so I really hope they are gonna start with the same warranty or else it is not worth buying!
Its like you buy a ferrarri and get one with a scratched hood while the seller says... This is normal, aaaw.. co mon

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