Plasma picture 'freezing' with Panasonic DMREZ25 DVD recorder


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I have a Panasonic DMREZ25 DVD recorder which is used with a Sony STR-DG700 receiver and a Panasonic TH42PX60 plasma. The problem I am having is the picture on the plasma occasionally freezes when watching Freeview channels via the DVD recorder. :thumbsdow Can anyone give me a starter for ten on what this is or if there is a fix? Is it the aerial signal strength/quality and how do I check this? I use a HDMI connection through the receiver and into the plasma. I haven't noticed this 'freezing' when watching the Freeview channels on the plasma TV's built in tuner or pre-recorded DVD material. I have read about picture 'freezing' issues elsewhere on other makes and models of DVD recorders; anyone had issues with this model? Thanks.


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What kind of freezing is it ? some milliseconds only or longer ?
I'm experiencing short freezings (1 frame skipped) on my LG recorder too, no solution yet


Note the channel when this occurs. The likelihood is that you will see a pattern emerge ... It may only be on certain multiplexes or on data sparse channels.

It is usually down to signal quality issues and may be the result of sporadic interference.


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Thanks. I'll check which channels it occurs with. It seems to freeze for a very short period (probably in terms of millisecs) but it can happen a number of times over a few minutes. There doesn't seem to be any regular time interval between each 'freeze'.


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I've just called hotline about this freeze pb on my LG.
The guy told me to unplug it then plug it again after 15 minutes (kind of electric reset :eek: )
Maybe it could solve the problem

Note: on my side, freeze happens 2 or 3 times per hour, and are very short (millisecs)


I too had this problem on my pan 42px60 and ez25 recorder after only owning for a day.I ended up figuring out that it was my cordless house phone causing inteferance from the other side of the the offending item has been moved the problem has gone away!!!!

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