Plasma philips 50" arrived 50PF9966 (long)

Discussion in 'Philips TVs Forum' started by gamerfreak2002, Mar 16, 2005.

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    Hi all. I received yesterday the 50" philips plasma 50pf9966.
    Here are some early photos (please, do not mock with the mess!), each appr 300k:

    The plasma came with a little touch on the protection border, near the upper right corner and a loose screw at the back, but besides that, all appears to be fine.

    * lots of features
    * ease of setup
    * handy remote with a kind of metalized plastic on the top cover
    * very nice design (ok, arguable here)
    * nice picture quality
    * good set of connection (except lack of video component)
    * manual distributed on some 10 languages (including mine, for a change!)

    * sound noise: lots of it! If the ambilight in on, just get some damps to plug into ears. While off, the noise is acceptable, but loud enough for me to be aware of it.
    * no video component (but can't setup this connection via DVI-I with the supplied accessories)
    * picture quality very picky on the source and type of connection
    * the usual grey dot appears on black parts (doesn't seem to happen with component connection, but I'm not sure on this)
    * poor manual -- very terse, missing lots of details
    * TV is promoted with full dual screen (with two independent tunners), but the only thing I was able to do was to split horizontal evenly the screen, with emission on one side and teletext on the other. Probably a problem of mine, I hope so, at least.

    * power: it is announced elsewhere a 600W consuptiom, but on the usual tech label at the back, it is written 257W (!)
    * weight: this baby is heavy for sure. The manual says 58kg (127pounds) and I believe! I'll have to ask for help to mount it on the wall.
    * mounting: the wall mount is included in the package, but it's just a simple metal bar, which gets fixated horizontally on the wall. Then the plasma is plugged into two holes of this "bar". Pro: simple and effective; cons: can't adjust the heigth at a latter stage!

    As said before, the PQ is nice, but it really requires a good source OR a good connection. Even standard cable channels look very nice if coming from the DVD via component video progressive output, but, the same channels selected from the TV tunner appear with lots of noise (but my cable lead is bad-- I have to replace it soon). DVD playing looks nice even on a composite connection.

    The component video connection is done with the included dvi-i to vga and vga to 3xRCA included adapter/cable. So the setup is tv/dvi <-> dvi/vga <-> vga/components.

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