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Plasma PC resolution


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Hi all

I have a question which is really bugging me....Just got my new Panny TH42PX60 and love it. I am trying to work out the best way of connecting my pc and its driving me mad. In the manual it says the native resolution is 1024x768 but why....this is a 4:3 aspect resolution so why is this the case.. I have tried putting it out at 1280x720 and it looked ok ish but still not great. I have just thought though as the vertical native lines is 768 then maybe 1366x768 would work better has anytone tried this and got perfect pixles not distorted in any way?

I do not see why this would not work as a commercial HD source like the 360 foir example puts out at 720p fits perfect which i thought was 1280x720???? is there a difference.

I did see that on some grapohics cards you have the option of forcing HDTV modes is this the only way maybe?


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I have the option of 1360x768 which works a bit better but is not perfect I have set it as 70 hz as this seems to giev the best picture....still seeing if anyone has set this up?


Mine arrives on Saturday, have you tried using a DVI-HDMI cable im curious also to see if this gives you the resolution much like the feed from the xbox 360...


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no mainly coz i havent got one yet.........it does mention in the manula about using a res of 1366x768 which looks like this could be possible but further down it says the res is only 1024x768.....

Contradicting indeed i might have to give the moneys at panny a call.


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bu5ter said:
In the manual it says the native resolution is 1024x768 but why....this is a 4:3 aspect resolution so why is this the case

The pixels on the panny 42" plasma are not square like your standard PC monitor pixels..That's why it has a 4:3 res of 1024x768..


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Yeah but that doesnt do you any favours with a pc does it....but surely if you feed it a native widescreen resolution it hsould not alter it and view it as long as its in range like 1366x768 which should be fine right?


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You should be able to send it a whole range of resolutions depending on your PC grapics card.

My last plasma was a Hitachi with a screen resolution of 1024*1024 but it was quite happy to accept resolutions up to 1920*1080 which looked bloody marvelous displaying hidef material.



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Your best bet is to aim for 1024x768 1:1 pixel mapped, and then use programs that support compensating for non-square pixels. For example, i believe Windows Media Player supports this. Of course the best thing would be to have bought a TV with some proper square pixels and support for 1:1 pixel mapping :lesson:

If the TV doesnt 1:1 do pixel mapping at 1024x768 you might as well feed it the widescreen resolution that you feel look best because the image is going to be scaled anyway.

A final solution is to always playback at the resolution of the source format(720x576, 1280x720, 1920x1080) and let the TV do the scaling, that way you only get one scaling step(good). Of course this requires changing resolution with the video source.


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I just read up on the media player 1.33 pixels mallarky and i didnt realise media player even had the option which is interesting......

I have fiddled last night and if i put out 1360x768 at 75hz the picture really cleans up and the aspect is about right for movies. I just wanna check that i wont be doing any damage to the screen by doing this although i will try the 1024x768 again as this seems sensible and the media player trick.

My only real brain ache here is how is this different to outputting a tv type hd source something like a dvd player or a 360 which chucks out at say 720p or 1080i how come this just works and fits....???

From what i understood these were just set resolutions of say 1280x720 and 1920x1080 if these just work when put out then why doesnt it just do the same for a pc?

Would this work if i got a more up to date grahics card that supports hdtv resolutions will all my worries be put to one side? Just seems bizzare no one seems to be able to explain this on my 360 or dvd player it goes in wide and shows correctly rectangular pixels or not......surely there cant be different pixels on the vga input as to the rest of the screen? for arguaments sake i am using hdmi and component for dvd and 360 respectively??

I dont mean to argue i just cant get my head round it and i consider myself a very technical chap:confused:


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The TV scales every signal to the rectangular pixels of the panel, even the 360 input of 1280x720 is scaled to 1024x768.

The TV will scale 1366x768 as well, I don't think pixel mapping is a viable option on consumer panasonics.


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But what baout on the component input say i put out at 720p through component its perfect with no stretched people etc???? if i used a dvi-hdmi cable would the hdmi socket do a better job?


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Its still rescaled to 1024x768, just with non square pixels.

Send the panel a 16:9 signal and it will display it as 16:9, send it a 4:3 signal (including the panel's native res) and it will strectch or display as pillarboxed.

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