plasma panels cheaper ?


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Who sells plasma panels without speakers etc, i want one for a xbox 360 display in my av room but would use my av amp/speakers for the audio, do they work out any cheaper than the all in one plasma and speakers which seem to range from £700 + many thanks graham


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No they're not cheaper, you're talking about 1200 upwards, but they are better.

cough. imho.

There are a few retailers on here who sell them, sniff out someone with retailer under their nickname ;)


For the 360 it's the Panasonic PH9 you really want, though if you are seriously strapped for cash, you should also consider the PS9. If your primary use is 360, it'd be a bit of a shame not to have HD, but it will still display 1080p on VGA or component, and still look amazing. And of course nobody but you would ever know the difference. I still reckon they are the very best, no exceptions, for SD display. The people who really know still have SD screens if they can't afford HD sources.

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