plasma or projector?


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we shall be sitting 9-10 feet away to watch dvd or play ps2 what would be the best thing to buy.

can you hook up a projector to watch sky digital?

what should i be looking for in a projector and screen?

how does pq compare between the 2 systems?




Yes you can watch sky on a projector. In fact you can do anything on a projector that you can on a plasma in terms of signal.

They are two very different approaches.

It depends on how big a picture you want - plasma over 50" diagonal is not really economic and the units are heavy.

You need to say whether you plan to view in the evening/daytime and whether you want a big picture or not - most projectors will give you at least an 80" diagonal picture.

For a true 'cinema' experience, a projector is the thing to go for. To have a TV that hangs on the wall - but is still a TV - then go for a plasma. And remember - a 42" plasma when it's hanging on the wall actually doesn't look very big at all because my brother in law has one and it doesn't look very big at all.

Plasma is good because it's high brightness so you can watch it with all the lights on.

But to be honest a projector isn't all that far behind. Plenty of projectors will allow you to view with some ambient light (obviously not sunlight) but you don't need pitch darkness.

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thanks for the reply john_n

i would be wanting to watch the projector during daylight as well as night time.
i was on the verge of ordering a panny plasma (42") but i would like as big a screen as possible but i know absolutely nothing about projectors :(
is it really feasible to have a screen instead of a tv or should i keep my crt as backup?

how would i connect sky to the projector?


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You say you want to watch "in daylight". In my experience, any form of ambient light will bring deterioration to the image from most of the current range of HC projectors - they simply do not put out enough light (max 1000 lumens) to cope with high levels of ambient lighting, and rely on absence of light from the screen for black. It would be absolutely essential as a minimum to ensure that no light fell directly on the screen surface.

Projectors which are intended for use in high levels of ambient light tend to have very high light output, and are mainly designed for corporate use - presentations and the like.

I advise that you see some projectors being demo'ed in a situation where you can judge their performance in lighting conditions similar to those in which you would expect to use the projector.

Sean G.


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For Sky to Projector you can come out of the Sky SCART lead with a RGB Signal. Convert the RGB to SiVideo (£80) and then feed the S-Video to the Projector.

That is what I am planning



Something like the NEC1000 should have a fair performance in higher light conditions? Still compares very favourably on price too. As to needing a CRT as well, I do, I can't watch starving Somalis and the like at 7ft across. As for kids TV, you must be joking... In other words it's feasible but you might not want to!

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