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hi everyone, I went out to buy a 42" LCD today and was looking at the usual suspects from comet and curry's but when i was in the shop they had very thoughtfully put the 50" plasma tv's next to the 42" lcd's and now I can't decide what to buy! (50" seemed so much bigger)!

The main reason i was going for lcd is that i had heard (from no reliable source i hasten to add) that plasma had a short shelf life (5 years)? is there any truth in this at all and also any help or advice from technologically savvy people would be greatly appreciated.

I have about £1000 to spend and do not want to go any lower than 42" but i would like full HD 1080p. is there a firm favourite in the lcd or plasma debate or is it just personal preference?




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i may be able to help...i had a sony 40" LCD....
now have a panny 42" Plasma.....never looked blows the sony out the water...
The LCD shelf life is also debatable...i had the sony for weeks..and i got about 6 white(dead) pixels on my screen !

As for plasma shelf life..i suppose it depends on how much u watch it ??? And the piccy is miles miles better.....

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Hi a plasma life span is measured by hours and dictates when the sreen will be at half its original brightness, as a CRTs phosphur burns on the screen it also gets duller, so for example most Panny plasma have a half life of around 60,000 hours. Which means that if it was never switched off then after 7 years continuos viewing it will be at its half life.

Everything else ie electrical components are as reliable as electrical componenets in any other piece of electrical equipment.

I wouldnt worry, a plasma will probably outlast the need to upgrade anyway.


I'm shocked that the shelf life of Plasma myth is still going! In short, you're looking at 50,000-100,000 hours before they start to not look as good. Note that's not broke - just not as good. Unless you are watching the thing 20 hours a day, you will without any shadow of doubt want a new telly way before it runs out!

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