plasma or lcd which is best?


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can anybody tell me which hd-tv is best for dvds and xbox 360
pioneer pdp-436xde (plasma)
panasonic tx-32lxd52 (lcd)
i would appreciate any help you could give me.



i have 436xde for tv and 360 and the gaming on the 360 with it is outstanding.

if you get the 436xde make sure you do a good burn in before playing your 360 on it.

200 hours on low setting.


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A 32" LCD costing under £1200 or a 43" plasma costing close to £2500 - not exactly going to be a fair comparison is it?

The question then might be "is the Pioneer twice as good as the Panasonic LCD?" and only you can answer that based on your budget, roomsize etc. Certainly DVDs will look better on the Pioneer. I don't think anyone would question that. The 360 is kinder to LCDs, but even then, the 360 on my 42" plasma looks so much better than any demo LCD I've seen in a shop.

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