Plasma or LCD which 37 inch screen to buy

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I know that the answer to this may depend on who responds, but I am close to buying a 37" screen TV (HD). I watch movies and sport, so there would be lots of movement in the programmes I see. From members' experience, will the newest LCD tv give blur-free viewing, or is the advantage still with plasma? I know that there are other factors (screen-burn, and power consumption, for example), and I want to make the best choice. I asked in my local Sony Centre (not an unbiased source) and was told that the major manufacturers are pulling out of plasma, and that all will be LCD soon. I still see new Panasonic plasmas each month in the magazines, so the Sony advice might not be accurate.
Could I ask for help please?


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Since your question is actually about LCD, I think this is the best place for your thread.

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