Plasma or LCD wanted any Advice

Having just sold my LG plasma this Evening im looking at buying another plasma or LCD i have a Budget of around £1200 maybe a little bit more, i may even consider a second hand one if its not had a lot of use.
Any advice would be great, its for my Sky HD 360 and PS3.


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Same boat as me, LG Plasma going (being exchanged) and also wondering if I should go back to LCD (had one before and was very happy with it, infact more so than the LG Plasma). Be interested aswell. By the way, same budget too.
I thought there would be plenty of adivice by now, as surely there must be plenty of Plasma LCD buyers on here who have bought one at this kind of Budget.


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in the last couple of months ive had detailed demos
of just about every plasma and lcd available to buy
at the moment and some lcd's like sony's new 1080p
sets come close to most plasmas for PQ but most
cheaper lcd's are simply not as good as plasmas.

by the sound of it most of your viewing will be
HD so weather you go for lcd or plasma £1200
should buy you a pretty dam fine tv.


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Well after looking into it Fozzy I'm going down the LCD route. I know I'm going to get jumped on here (being a plasma forum) but at the end of the day it comes down to personal opinion. I would have gone for the Panny PX60 but all the problems people have been having has put me off and being as this is an exchange, I really don't want to take the chance of picking another duff set. I know it could happen on any set but going for one that seems to be known for having problems just seems too risky. I have looked at other plasma's around the same price (£1200 in Curry's) and as far as I can see for the choice on offer the LCD wins. I could have another LG plasma but the picture quality on their LCD is much better. (Before anyone jumps in they have 4 sets on show all with same HD feed, 3 are plasma 1 is lcd, lcd wipes the floor with the others). I was also impressed with the Samsung 40R73. You will get people pointing out faults such as plasma's handle blacks better but from what I've seen the difference is not a problem, not when lcd handles brighter scenes better. The screen blur issue isn't much of a problem either or wasn't on my old Matsui set (hardly the best make either). But at the end of the day I have found that it is what you think is best that you should go for, all I'm saying is out of the two technologies neither of them are a bad buy.

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