Plasma or LCD TV? plz help me decide!




Ok these are the two tellies i'm considering buying. At the moment i'm all in favor of the plasma, simply because of the contrast ratio is 4000:1 compared to sony's 1300:1, thats about it heh. I really dont know much about this to be honest, i need some expert advice, mostly this will be used to play xbox 360 on for the forseeable future.

would the new bravia features increase the picture quality beyond the plasma?


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Be very wary of these figures as generally they mean nothing.

The best thing to do is try and get a demo of both and judge with your own eyes. IMHO plasma offers better picture quality but you may think differently.

The golden rule is demo demo demo.

Use the search function as plasma vs LCD has been discussed a gazillion times.:thumbsup:

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