Plasma or CRT for Viewing Broadcast TV


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I am looking to buy a new TV but I'm not sure whether to go for a CRT (e.g. new Sony 32NX200) or a plasma. (Considering the Panasonic 37pw5)

How good are plasmas for watching broadcast TV either via an on digital box or possibly upgrading to Sky?

Yesterday, I saw a 42" Pioneer next to a Loewe Articos 32" both being driven by the same Panasonic OnDigital DTB box. The Loewe picture was pin sharp but the Pioneer plasma looked awful. The picture was extremely grainy and noisy.

Is there some fundmental issue with plasmas showing broadcast TV?

Sharpness of a picture is far more important to me than image size. Is there anyone out there using plasmas for everyday TV viewing who can comment?


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I wonder which input was being used on the Pioneer. I have just bought the 433 MXE and have my digibox connected into the VGA input through one of John Sims' little boxes. Picture is excellent.

If both displays were driven from the same box, probably the Loewe was getting the RGB output and the Pioneer had to make do with the composite feed. And don't forget - the Loewe is one of the best CRTs around and any plasma will struggle to compete with it for broadcast stuff. Nevertheless give the 433 a decent input and you will get a good picture, and its 43" big which no Loewe can match.


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HI Gary,

Very few stores actually bother to set upthier pictures correctly. (please see another thread of mine dated 3/11/02)

This is ver irritating as what can be excelent displays look blo*dy awful in the flesh.

I suggest you ensure tht you view via a specialist outlet, and not a mass product place such as JL,Dixons, Currys etc.



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I love my mxe , and with a good dvd its the best pic ive seen, but it shows up every flaw with broadcast tv and its connected as good as it could be .

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There is nothing wrong with a plasma for viewing television broadcasts - it is every bit as good as a CRT IMHO. Mine is sharp and clear using an anlogue signal. This was one of my fears - that the standard television broadcast wouldn't be a good enough signal for the plasma and that I would need to upgrade to digital (SKY).

I have the 32" (32FD9944) Philips plasma which has built in speakers and comes with the tuner box (well in New Zealand it does as a set [i.e. not an option]) - so functionality-wise it is as good as any CRT television.

No complaints with watching TV braodcasts on a plasma here!


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