Plasma --> OLED or FALD LCD?


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After several years, i'm now finally looking to move on from my Panasonic Plasma TX-P50VT65B, the main reasons are to upgrade the screen size, to enjoy 4k content and HDR. I want a TV that will give me the colours and contrast that the Plasma displays, whilst getting a more immersive experience with the larger screen size.

Now my shortlist is for a replacement is either an OLED such as the Sony AG8 / LG CX, or a Sony XH950 FALD LED.

My preferred choice is to go OLED, but it will be in a relatively bright room which does have 'some' direct sunlight (through vertical blinds) in the height of summer which worries me a little with regards the sunlight damaging the panel and also potential OLED screen degradation over time.

The sensible choice would be to go for the FALD LED, but I was less than impressed upon the brief viewing at my local Currys - I was hoping it would in some way match the contrast of my Plasma but it seemed to fall way short in way too many areas.

Relative brightness isn't the ultimate decision maker, as i'm more than use to the Plasmas dim brightness output already :)

Was I being unfairly harsh on the XH950? Or is OLED my only real choice?


I wrote a bit about this some time ago, perhaps it will help you in your choice?

I wouldn't judge on what you see a shop though, that's one of the first things to avoid when you shop for a TV.


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Thanks for the links - read through each one. Seems in line with what I expected.

Seems OLED is unsuitable due to the room / TV wall getting direct sunlight during the day :(


Right now prices are on the high side so its hard to recommend any TVs. I'll have my yearly guide out soon with all the best options ahead of black friday when hopefully we see some nice price drops.

Judging from what is available in the market now the stand out LCD TVs will be the Hisense U8Q because it offers a lot of HDR performance given the price, the Sony XH9505 which is perhaps more refined than the Hisense, but still with good HDR capabilities and the Samsung Q80T and over. Q80T is the minimum to aim for, whilst the Q85T improves with a wide viewing angle filter and better dimming, and the higher tier Q90T with even better dimming and HDR performance again.

Owning a Panasonic plasma myself I'd say you will be happy with one of these TVs, which you choose depends on your own preferences and wants. Sony TVs shine with motion processing and out of the box picture accuracy, whilst Samsung have a more straightforward OS, more striking picture quality and are more future proof. The Hisense is a TV that has some problems with broadcast TV motion, and is more rough around the edges with picture processing, but costs a fraction of the other TVs offering very good HDR performance for the price.

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