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Feb 19, 2004
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I am torn between spending £2700 on a Panny W6 as LCD's are starting to get there. I really could do with 50" but would settle for 42" until 50" LCD's become better in terms of PQ and pricing..

I could allways spend the £2700 now and keep it for two years until the price and size of LCD's became more attractive.

How long do you guys think LCD will take to become competetive with PQ and price compared to Plasma? Oh! Viewing will be 20ft away hence need for 50"..

Not going to happen. Screen too large, LCD yields too low.

IMO you'll get other technologies at that screen size before LCD gets there at reasonable prices (SED, NED, maybe rear projection LCOS)

If you want that size, and can get it for that price, then I'd go for it.
Just wait for the next generation of Plasmas, its too new at the mo - bit like computer/consoles, 8-bit, 16bit etc...:p

CRT is best for the time being, i just wish i had space for a 50" CRT.
LCD's are now being sold in America which are over 40" so 50" is not that far off, but will they be better quality than plasma in a year or two?
they are more likely to hit true HD resolutions at 42" sizes (1920x1080), but will be more expensive. They will also have weaknesses compared to plasma (contrast being the main one), but plasma also has its fair share.
Um,,,, I may well be setting up a home cinema room in 3-4yrs time by extending the house, so i really don't want to splash out near £5k for the 'interim' period.. I would not hesitate buying the 42" Plasma but my lounge is big, it's 27" in length and the viewing distance is going to be around 20ft, I really don't want the TV to be the main focal point in the room (hence extending the house for the cinema room)..

Will the 42 in panny look too small?

If your viewing distance is 20ft, have you considered a projector? A good one should be less than the £5000 it would cost for a 50" plasma, buy you would be able to get an image of around 100". A 50" plasma is going to look very small from 20ft away.


I understand what you are saying, however first and foremost my lounge is a loune, there is no way my wife would let me start puting in projectors and screens, as stealth as they may be... I am already pushing 8 speakers, amp, dvd and a 4 room Sky installation, hence for the untilmate cinema expereince I will move the garage forward and extend back to make a personliased cinema room.

Having just purchased this new house (move in on Friday) I am limited with costs so this is 4 years or so away.

My old house had a 20ft lound and the viewing distance was around 16ft away on a pany 32" crt which I found acceptable, hence the 42" plasma with a bigger surface area sould be ok in this lounge?

I don't want to overwhlem the room with a massive screen.

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