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Hi, i recently got myself a brand new Samsung 42" Plasma after having Samsung LCD TVs for around 2-3 years.

Im new to plasma, but have heard of screen burn etc on them.
I am getting a little worried as i notice whenever i seem to view my PS3's menu screen for even 5-10 minutes, if i turn the PS3 off etc or just go off of that menu screen i can see white ghostly type images of some of the PS3's menu.
They seem to go away after a while by themselves, and i have also tried turning the brightness down on both my PS3 settings and my TV settings, however it doesent seem to made much difference.

I wondered if this was normal as its a new plasma? I have only had it for 4 days.
Should i be worried? Is it faulty or going faulty? Or like i say, is this perfectly normal and will it eventually stop doing it as time goes by?

Cheers very much:thumbsup:


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there are two problems (or potential problems) on plasmas.

one is screenburn and the other is image retention or ghosting.

Screenburn is permanent damage to the panel where the the phosphors, which are in a permanent state of decline in brightness levels - the latest panasonics say that the half life of the phosphor brightness is around 100,000 hours (do the maths but this is over 25 years of tv watching). the phosphors burn out quicker the whiter the displayed colour. therefore if a white image is displayed too long that phosphor will become less bright than the others. particually a problem with logos on sky etc. some manufacturers pre-burn the plasma and have tech to reduce this problem - not sure what this is on the samsungs though.

image retention (which is what you are taking about) is where the plasma has not been sent another picture to essentially swap for the previous image. if this makes sense. shwoing a panning scene on a movie or game should get rid of it. all sets have different levels of suceptability to this problem but it is not and should not be permanent. unfortunately it is not likely to improve with age.

I hope this helps - plasma is definately a better product than LCD so don't be put off.

How long have you had the set?


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just seen 4 days!

what is the model?


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Samsung PS42B451?

I'd be dangerous if I could read!

I'll check it out - give me 5 mins!


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Cheers m8, you've put my mind at rest a little bit anyway.


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Can't find any specific problems anywhere - if you're not happy return it - you might regret if you don't, but first try the panning or image swap.

I hope you get it sorted!

happy viewing.


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It seems to be basicly what you said, as i've just put a channel on Sky and the ghostly images from the PS3 have gone completely.

Seems fine then, was just conerned and thought it might have been going faulty.

Thanks again :thumbsup:


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glad to hear it - enjoy it mate!


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First of all what you are experiencing is normal, it will improve over time but it will never stop completely, Samsung are deffinitely not the best.

But, image retention and burn in isn't necessarily related to the half life of the phosphors used in the TVs, the LGs are quoted as 100,000 hours as well as the Panasonics yet are still far more susceptible to IR and burn in. There is a form of image retention where it's due to the uneven ageing of the pixels though.

Burn in is caused by burning the phosphors at a certain intensity for too long, basically it will burn into the pixel and that pixel will have a 'memory' for whatever phosphor (ie colour) that is. It is very similar to what is described as above but I am 99% sure that there is more to it, although I'm finding it difficult to find what that is!

If it's annoying you then turning down the settings (mainly contrast and colour) will help it, there should be some settings on the TV which help reduce it too, although I'm not sure what they're called on the Panasonics (orbitter on LGs)

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