Plasma Newbie,Connectivity questions.


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I`ve been into Homecinema for a while and feel the ime is right to go for a Plasma screen to replace my Tosh RPTV. After a few stops and starts I decided to get the Tosh from RS,but they are out of stock.Now I`m torn between Tosh/Panny w4 or the Pioneer43" hde.available elsewhere.
Whichever I get throws up the question of connectivity. I currently have NTL cable box via scart,Pioneer 925 laser player via scart,Pioneer DVD636d via scart going into my Tosh 42" RPTV,using Denon 3300 for the audio.If i go for the Panny do I need a new set of cables (BNC)or do you connect DVDetc via a JS box I`ve read about a few minutes ago on the forums?Similarly what problems am i liable to find connection wise with the Pioneer.I inteed to mount the plasma onto the wall.Any feedback would be most welcome.

Jon Weaver

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What Richer Sounds? Out of stock? Never :)

Are they just out of stock until they get more stock, or are they completely out of stock for good?.. When I spoke to them last week, they assured me that they were getting stock all the time..

Infact, they went as far to say that they expect the price to drop to £2500 before Christmas.


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Hi John, I phoned their mail order number after visiting their Mbro branch . They assured me more stocks expected 2 weeks time .I don`t think I`ll be waiting though.

Jon Weaver

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Try Nexnix,

They have the Panasonic (Black) for £170 more than that R.S Toshiba.

They are also working with Toshiba to see if they can do anything about being able to compete with R.Sounds over the price of the 42WP16.



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Thanks John, I`ve just had a phone call from my son with a one off great deal for the Pioneer mxe 43",which adds to my confusion about connections of my kit to the plasma.I`m wading my way through previous posts on similar probs and it`s coming a little clearer . thanks for the info John.(my heads spinning)

Jon Weaver

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Tell me about it. When you think how easy it is to connect stuff up to a TV, it makes me wonder if a Plasma is worth the effort.


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Hi Jon

Have just read all your posts and queries on the subject of plasmas and I would say that if you can spare a few hours over a weekend and perhaps a few more the weekend after, you will have the incredible benefits of plasma for a long time to come. Don't think short term in that it'll take a while to do the cabling, but think long term when you'll have an incredible display. I can't see how you could regret it.



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Do the Richer Sounds Toshiba's come with the standard 2 year warranty, rather than the 1 year of Panasonics? That would be a big plus point for me.

Cheers, Peter

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