Plasma mounting questions


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I started trying to wall mount my plasma last night.

From reading the threads on this forum, I bought a load of M6 anchor bolts from B&Q.

However, these are having real problems gripping into my masonry. My house is rather old, and doesn't have the concrete masonry of modern builds.

I've currently got 5 14mm holes with for M8 bolts around the outside of my mounting bracket, and 7 12mm holes for M6 bolts slightly inboard of the edges.

Given this number of mounting points, would long 'heavy-duty' rawplugs suffice to hold the weight of the screen?

All my holes are 110mm deep.


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Should be plenty. When the bracket is mounted, just hang onto it and give it some good, steady pressure downwards. Not suggesting you should be able to hang off it, but 6 x 75mm anchor bolts held my weight on a wall bracket so I would say it will be well able to support the screen.


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mep said:
so which one did you go for?
Got a PE500 in the end. It seemed the best mix of price/performance and features. I'm especially impressed with the freeview stuff, it's a shame I don't actually have freeview coverage in my area!

Now I just need to get the damn thing to hang on the wall! :D


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going through the same thing at the moment.

do you know if the M8 bolts would be ok for my pio 436 on a swing arm? i am just concerned that it holds firm when the swing arm is out.


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