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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by AndyH, Apr 19, 2004.

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    I've started on my long upgrade path which I'm hoping will end with a nice plasma telly.

    The start was the Pioneer Ax5i amp... next I'd planned to get an 868 player and along the way I've built my first media centre PC which is currently outputting to the 32" w/s telly via S-Video.

    However, currently all is well. I enjoy RGB from Sky and my Pioneer 646, and the S-Vid is surprisingly good from the media box (and I can capture from Sky+, record to DVD etc. etc.)

    I'm wondering though..

    a) can I be making use of the DVI out on my media PC and get the same kind of picture I'd get via HDMI on a dedicated DVD player?

    b) if I do decide to get the 868 (for the iLink audio, SACD capability etc.) - how am I going to get the best out of my PC / Plasma?

    Another way of looking at this.. if a Panasonic screen is the best option for the PC then perhaps a Pioneer 868 would be a waste?

    choices choices... any advice appreciated.


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