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Plasma Issues


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Im trying to decide on my next tv but having looked at all the new leds the banding is putting me off. I've never owned a plasma and I'm not sure what kind of issues are inherent in the technology.

Could someone please explain some of the things plasmas suffer from and also what is the 50hz bug in the pannys as I'm looking at the vt30


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Look at the VT30 review here, it's extremely good (the review and the TV).
Panasonic have now integrated the technology they acquired from Pioneer.


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Look at the reviews and demo the sets yourself, as much as you can.
In later Panasonic models (at least the VT30) the 50hz issue is very slight to the point you won't ever notice it if not looking for it. The reviews explain it well. Some good reviews: the one by Phil here at avforums, David Mackenzie did a good job too at * and the review at flatpanelshd is also good.

To me false contouring is worse than the 50hz issue (which I don't notice most of the time), but this is mainly because personal preferences and susceptibility. In any case this posterization problems are very mild with good source because part of the problem is the quantization made by the video codec so it gets worse with bad source which would have most of it anyway with other display technologies as well.

Moreover, you will only get the 50hz issue when watching broadcast TV due to its nature. False contouring will be almost non-existent with good quality content, however certain soft gradients are more prone to it and will exhibit the problem even with blu-ray.

Lastly, don't just look for issues, this set does many things right (great blacks, shadow detail, clean image, motion resolution...), so in the end it's a matter of balance and taste, as it is said everywhere, there is no perfect TV (yet, hehe).

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