Plasma install - wiring help please



Getting a plasma next week.

Got a dvd / 5.1 system / Sky and TIVO.

Now need to wire it all up in a 'virgin' room

I want to hide everything within the walls.

What leads do I need to order, I am getting the Panasonic 42 inch in silver if that help.

I would like the best possible picture on my Sky, as I only watch 2-3 dvd's a week.

Whats the easiest way to wire up the units - through a metal stud wall- how do I drop them down and make them appear in the corner of the room??

I understand how to get the wires down (gravity) but how do you make them travel sideways (am I being thick???)

I have seen messages about a box of tricks that improves the quality of Sky - are these worth the money ??



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The DVD is easy - use component leads. If the player does not have component out, buy a scart to component converter from John Sim

For Sky/TIVO, the best picture will be had taking the scart from the TIVO to a scart to VGA converter supplied by - you guessed it, John again. Then take the VGA cable into the PC input on the plasma. Good pictures.

If you really want the best from Sky, you could try something I have done. The TIVO degrades the picture a bit when it processes the signal from the digibox. Look at a red box on the screen, on Sky news or the BBC news programmes. Through TIVO the colour leeks over the edges. Bypass the TIVO (the little button top left of the remote) and see how much better defined the colours are - edges are sharper.

So take the RGB scart from the digibox to a scart splitter (yes - you know who sells them). Take one output direct to the VGA converter then to the plasma for the very best picture. Take the other scart out into the TIVO aux in , and take the TIVO RGB scart out to a scart/s-video converter (no prizes for guessing who from) and then to the s-video in on the plasma. You use this input to monitor the TIVO and watch any recordings made. All a bit involved I know but you do get best pictures without losing TIVO functionality.

All these boxes will cost you of course.

As to the building side of the question, sorry never done it myself. good luck.


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Originally posted by nicccole

I understand how to get the wires down (gravity) but how do you make them travel sideways (am I being thick???)
This is one reason for tradesmen ;) .
Don't you try and run the cables horizontally.Get them above where you wish them, then drop them down............. avoiding the batons :D


thanks for the info philipb

Id there any max length for the leads?? it's at least 5m from plasma to units

Stud walling - this is a brand new house - if I remove the skirting board I could cut a channel horizontally I think ???



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5m is no problem, we've even supplied 10m lengths before. I recommend keeping all leads as short as possible, but if you need the distance then don't shy away from using a longer lead.

As for the new house, if you're going to be routing under floors, double check with a builder first. You may have space under your floor that you can use quite easily, so you don't have to dig a trench in! Floors are effectively joined in large sheets, so you can't just lift one part of the floor. But what you may be able to do is to create an access hatch where you can pass cables down and back up, routing the cable under all the joists.

Watching Discovery Home & Leisure does pay off!

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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