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After weeks of searching and asking on this forum my new plasma weekend sort of coincided with a few more:

Thursday took delivery of my new TH-42PH9 from AV-sales (brilliant service):clap: Thursday evening took my old P7 off the wall and hung up the P9, ran component, HDMI, DVI and original VGA cable to it (should have most connection options covered :D) connected everything into the Pioneer 1016 amp, bit of a blip here as Sky was in black and white, the dvd player was giving a "no signal" mesage and my HTPC would only accept 800 x 600 over DVI. Not exactly the effect I was after following a large investment in A/V gear :mad: however new s-video cable sorted sky out, I guess I bent one of the pins, connecting dvd player up to scart on a 14" and enabling component out sorted that one :suicide: and powerstrip sorted my HTPC issue.

Friday afternoon went and fetched two Panasonic PX60's one for my Dad and one for a mate. Installed one PX60 at my mates, easy swap out for his old 28" CRT as this PX60 was a pedestal one. Done in an hour.

Friday night installed my old P7 in another mates house, not such an easy install as his sky box doesn't have s-video, ended up with a scart switching box, not the way I'd have gone but he's happy.
Saturday spent morning tweaking the amp to give a decent sound, MCACC is so cool and dead easy :thumbsup:
Sunday morning installed my Dad's PX60 on the wall, had a bit of a disagreement with him about how high up he wanted it, but in the end he won and I put it where he wanted, job done.

Toned down the settings on all 3 new screens, my old P7 was run in (1100 hours) and looked great, the picture quality just keeps getting better and better with that screen.

Spent Sunday and yesterday evening enjoying my screen, watched Planet Earth and Mission Impossible 3 and they looked great, can't wait until it's run in and I can turn up the settings a bit and stop zooming the picture.

Was out of the office yesterday but this morning when my Dad came in (family business) first thing he said was "could you lower my screen 6 inches" :suicide: so I guess that's next sunday morning taken care of.

Anyway thanks to everyone who answered my questions over the last 3 months or so. I just need to get the money in for the screens now I seem to own 3 screens in 3 different houses :rolleyes:

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