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Couple of questions....have decided on purchasing one of the Panasonic 42 inch plasma's.....but need to decide which model, and which input box would be best for me.
Would probably be using a hcpc to play dvd's, vga out? x box and a version...may upgrade to us versions due to there progressive scan capability, and the plasma's ability to display progressive scan. Would also look to plus in a sky digital box for tv reception.....
So input devices would be:
sky digibox......
Also how do people rate the de-interlacing/scaling of the circuitry found inside the Panasonic plasma's.......
Best regards
Joe, Gordon....any input on the questions i raised...need advice help :(
Best regards

I have the following connected to my panny ... dvd, PS2, sky+, amp, digital camera/dvcam as follows ...

dvd via 3x cables to component

Ps2 routed via RGB passthrough on sky box, sky box to JS RGB>VGA converter to VGA input

amp via s-video (to allow for on-screen meny setup)

digital camera/dvcam for reviewing pics via composite ...

hope that helps ...

onboard de-interlacing works just fine ... what did you have in mind ?
The Plasma connectivity I have onmy system is using the RGB sockets for the sky without the need for a convertor.

The Scart system puts out RGB and separate composite synch (wired on the composite video lead) that can be wired to the RGB and S of the panny RGBHV input.
The menu can then be set for RGBS input (not RGsB)
I have seen convertors (Scart - RGBS) but when I tried them I found that they where just wired as I mentioned.

The scaler built into the panny is not bad but cannot be compared to external boxes (imho) and there is no 3:2 pulldown or progressive built in option.

If you need the cable pin out let me know

Hope this helps

Well...therefore i would be looking for using component inputs.....and something to input from dvd playing device and sky.
Also does anyone know if the vga port of the panasonic plasma's enables you to bypass internal drc circuitry ( ie scaling and deinterlacing ) and therefore use a hcpc in conjunction with a radeon card and powerstrip to match exact resolution of the plasma.

So really need a board with component possible vga and one scart....does this exist?
best regards

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