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I've just built my first HCPC /PVR and I need some advice about connecting it to my plasma. I have a Panny 5 series with the following inputs

NTL Digital cable inputing via JS technologies RGB-VGA
DVD inputing via component

I have tried the new PC via svideo and it looks rubbish albiet it was with a pretty cheap cable. However via the vga cable it is pretty impressive therefore my question is

Can I but a VGA switch box for about £20 and use it in conjunction with the JS convertor and the pc.
Or do I have to look at another option. Is Svideo always cr*p?


NTL (JS RGB-VGA) ======>
VGA switch ======> Plasma
HCPC (Radeon 9600)====>

cheers for any advice

I'd get a powered one, and check on the video signal bandwidth it can handle -- some of this boxes blur up even the most modest picture.

Quality brands could include Belkin or Adder.

Stoomonster, thanks

I have a Belkin Omni View so I guess I should give it a try. !!!
I take it that is what you were suggesting?
Kramer would be the other place to look, I have a high regard for their switches and stuff. But definitely better to have an active one for this.
Well I plugged in the Belkin KVM but as soon as I connected a vga lead to the JS box it started making a strange buzz/pulsing noise - so I guess that isnt a solution. Looks like its back to the drawing board.

How much would my NTL picture suffer if I was to swap my JS RGB-VGA for a JS RGB-Component converter? think I can sacrifice the tosh DVD if the pc can do a half decent job on dvd replay

Or do I have any other options?

Dr Sim - help!!!!
if you get a manual VGA switch box it should be fine. Automatic ones might not work with 15kHz line frequencies (TV rates).

RGB to Plasma VGA is the ultimate, and still not bettered for input to the Panansonic. That said, the RGB to Component (YUV) converter gives an excellent picture. Clean and sharp image.

In my system, I've got the plasma connected using two of my products. The DVD is connected via the RGB to Plasma VGA unit, but Sky is via the RGB to Component converter. Also, using good quality leads for both products allows good clean images on the screen.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.
Thanks Dr John. I'll give a standard manual VGA switch a go. If its not ok then I'll be back for one of your component boxes!



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