Plasma in Conservatory?

Blu Ray

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I am currently getting a rather large conservatory built. One end is a solid new brick wall, ideal for mounting a plasma on, methinks. However, by their very nature, conservatories can get pretty hot and humid I guess, so has anyone any idea if this is a bad environment for a plasma, or LCD for that matter. Or does it not matter in the least?


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Hmmmm good point.

What does the spec sheet for your plasma advise? They usualy state temp and humidity values.

FWIW I have my main PC and TFT screen in the conservatory, through the long hot summer it's been fine.


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the screen would probably be ok, but I'd have thought that watching it during the day (very bright) and and surround sound options (all that glass) might be tricky to get just right?


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Some good blinds are a must m8, I fitted 2 solar powered fans in the roof too, mine was south facing and without the blinds hit 115-120F in the summer :eek:

check your house insurance, my policy doesnt insure me for items stolen from my conservatory, may just be mine, but worth checking out non the less.


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Lots of natural light might not give you the best of viewing in the daytime.....mind you lots of daytime viewing is a bit unnatural as well :D


I have my plasma setup in conservatory. It is a bit light but screen still viewable. I have blinds on windows and due to cost of roof blinds have put in solar reflective film in the polycarbonate roof (£1500 saving). This has reduced the amount of light from the roof a little but more importantly has dramaticly reduced the temperature, glare and UV transmition. as my conservatory is lean to style I made some curtains for the angled windows above 3/4 walls on both sides. I have had computer and CRT 32" last year and had no problems due to heat (before solar film install last June it frequently hit 40 C !) here is a link if of any use a guide my'n cost £450 for 3mtr by 5mtr.
EDIT: the only little niggle is the rain is loud on the roof, just means I have an excuse to turn up the amp :laugh:


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fragmaster said:
check your house insurance, my policy doesnt insure me for items stolen from my conservatory, may just be mine, but worth checking out non the less

Interesting indeed -I will check mine too.....:rolleyes:

Blu Ray

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Thanks for all your replies, muchly appreciated. I'll check the insurance bit - not thought about that one. I am thinking about blinds, although I plan to only use the TV there in the evenings to be honest. The ventilation setup should prevent it from getting too hot, although the accoustics point that imichael mentioned had not occurred to me. This does lead to another point of discussion that I may raise in the speakers or audio section. Thanks again :)

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