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Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I'm posting this message in Games and Plasmas.

We're thinking about getting a plasma TV, and I was wondering if the PS2 GCon2 gun works with a plasma. I don't really know how the guns work in terms of detecting where you're pointing, but I'm assuming that it won't stand a chance with a plasma. Is it a non-starter?



I can't really confirm this but... I think Lightgun games could work on Plasmas because they usually have a fixed refresh rate for NTSC and PAL.. For 100Hz TVs there are other bits of processing going on so its not really viable. You should just test it anyway since you won't damage anything.


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I doubt it: plasmas are digitally addressed devices any incoming signal (short of a digital one) will require sampling into digital ( then deinterlacing and scaling) before display on the actual panel.

This introduces a delay between what the PS2 outputs and what it expects to "see" through the gun. There is some blaze light gun doing the rounds which prurports to handle 100Hz TVs but I've yet to see anyone actualy report whether it does indeed manage this.


The Playstation does have a superb Lightgun (G-con) though that requires a conection to the controller port and a composite video connection between the console and the displayed device... Thats why its so damn accurate ^_^ Thats why I generally don't use any 3rd Party lightguns because some may look better... Some may have rumble support but accuracy means everything for lightgun games. If its G-Con compatible (and some are) then it could be work a look...

I've yet to look into the Blaze gun since I'm going to be skint until next year >_< You have to love xmas...

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