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I am starting this topic, to help each other setting up a windows desktop, that is more or less plasma friendly. So this is obviously for people using their plasmas as (HT)PC screen too.
Please dont take this topic in directions like what is a plasma meant for, and what will burn in, and that is not suitable for this or that... I am using my 50GT60 as a monitor without problems, and could not cause the slightest burn in yet.

However, any tips or tricks are appreciated, to make it even safer.

Here are mine, for the start:

1. Lower contrast, and brightness does help. There will be less chance to burn in anything.

2. Make the taskbar auto hiding.

3. Use backround slideshow as wallpaper, with multiple different, not too bright images selected. (*)

4. Set up a screen saver set to 1-3 minute, and the screen off in the power settings to 5 or 10 minutes.

5. Use the aero glass theme, so that the windows are (at least partly) transparent.

* for some reason, this does not work for me, i can only switch manually to the next background...

Some questions for the start too:
1. Can i somehow change the websites backgrounds in chrome browser?
2. Any way to make the windows more transparent? Not just the bezels.
3. Maybe a window positioner app? making program windows appear at specific places, or even offset them at every start...


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So here comes number 6 in our tips&tricks, and its the answer for question 1 above too:

6. Chrome - Install Tampermonkey extension, then search for userscript Background color changer. Now you can change any (or all) websites background color to whatever you want.

And there are even more goods there, to make websites appear more friendly...


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3. The problem with the * can be solved by: Select power option on the control panel, click your power plan, and advanced settings. Desktop background settings > slide show > to available.

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