Plasma for the In-Laws!!!!


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Hi all,

My in-laws want to get a Plasma fairly soon to replace there CRT, now they are very much badge orientated and have a fairly generous budget, about £2500-3000.

Now they say they want a Pinoneer or a Panasonic, but they are really looking for a Pioneer, but my question would be what is teh latest model as they want the very latest, or do Pio or Pan have a new range ccoming out soon.

They are looking for a 42" model and it will be wall mounted, and Sky+ and a DVD will be connected either via RGB Scart or Componant, sound will be handled via an Amp with Speakers.

So any suggestions please? As for HD Ready or not, not important, but I suppose these days its better to have it than not.

Thanks in advance.



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Mmmm, a 50" PH9 perhaps? I believe they are around £2,500 with our host? I think they are taking advanced orders - I would love one. :smashin:


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If they would consider another brand - Fujitsu - they can have the finest 42" plasma screen currently available. P42XHA58EB. Should just scrape in within budget with a wall mount.

It works very well with standard def material and is awesome with HD.


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Thanks for the replies chaps, yes been reading on these forums about the Fujitsu, thats the best money can buy at the moment is it? Ok will pass the info on.

Many thanks, James.


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If they want "the latest" both Pioneer and Panasonic have new and updated models due very soon (September I think).

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