Plasma for colouring!


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Having taken my Hitachi 32PD3000 off the wall at the weekend in readyness to move, I knew the tv was bound to get some unwanted finger prints on it.
However, while my back was turned this morning my two year old daughter decided to do some colouring all over the tv stand and all over the screen!!!!!!:mad:
Needless to say I was very angry and she has just had a 15 minute time out and is not allowed any colouring today.
Fortunately, the coloured pencils she used don't seem to have made much permanent damage. I used a damp t-towel to rub it off and then rubbed off the water smears with a dry cloth.

(Love em really)


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I would actually like a Panasonic, but I appear to have got all the coloured pencil off, so I don't think I have cause for an insurance claim.
I suppose shay may accidently push it off the cabinet tomorrow!
:oops: did I say that?:D
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