plasma for bedroom



hi , i am looking for a 37" screen for the bedroom can anyone offer me advice on which model to go for .
i was going to go for the pe50 but i dont know if the quality is as good as the pv500 are there any other good 37" models out there that anyone has got and are impressed by them for dvds and normal tv as well as digital tv .

thanks ricky

ps.. it has to be 37" or smaller one more thing do you get dead pixels with plasmas ? thats why i am not looking at 37" lcds


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You can get dead pixels with a plasma, out of the thousands of people on here with them I can only remember a couple of people say they have them though, where as every lcd I have either on laptops, monitors, PSP etc. all have at least a couple.

If you are not going to run HD in the bedroom then I would say the PE50 would do the job perfectly.
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