Plasma, DVD and Digibox, please help!

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Brakkenjan, Oct 27, 2002.

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    Just bought a Plasma display, and have been having problems connecting everything... Tried many combinations, can't even remember which, and just cant get everything to work! I'm a complete Plasma and AV novice, so I'll quote the manuals:

    Got the following components:

    42" Samsung Plasma display (speaker outputs, S-Video input, Video Input, Pc Input, Scart input, Audio inputs, RS-232C Input, RS-232C Output)

    Sony DAVS800 Compact AV system (Video 1: Video and Audio in/out, left and right; Video 2: Video in, Audio in, Optical Digital in; Optical Digital out; S-video, video out; Speaker jacks and Antenna jack ) - no scart

    Telewest pace digibox model Di1000T with 2 Scart sockets

    Aiwa HV-FX5900K VCR (2 scart sockets (to quote the manual (!) - Euro AV2 Decoder socket and Euro Av1 Audio/video socket) ; Audio out L/R, Arial and RF Out)

    So how do I connect all of this, to get everything to play through the integrated amp of the DVD player??? Which cables do I need, etc etc.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


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    Oct 2, 2002
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    Bit tricky this, but this is my take on the situation.

    An RGB to Plasma VGA cable (Keene) or box (JS Tech) will get the best out of the Digibox picture. Route the audio only through your amplifier.

    An S-video picture seems to be the best your DVD amplifier can output. So route this into the SVideo input of the plasma using a 4 pin Svideo to Svideo cable.

    The VCR scart is likely to be Composite video only, but it may be Svideo.

    You can route this through the amplifier using a SCART to 3 phono lead (yellow is video, red and white are stereo), but you may have to run the composite output from the DAV S800 to the plasma as well - it is unlikely to do conversion to to the S Video output.

    Hope this helps.


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