Plasma Displays In Curry's & Comet


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Im going to be buy my new Panasonic 42PZ80 in the next couple of days
after much debate trying to choose between this and the sony 40W4000.

On the way to work i thought i would just pop into curry's and comet to have a look what they had
and the PQ on all of the plasma's were terrible grey contrast, washed out colours pixelation and terrible picture noise.

Most of there LCD's on the other hand were connected to high quality sources and looked great they were
bright, vibrant and detailed and made the plasma's look like a joke and if i hadn't have already had a demo of a
properly setup 42PZ80 at my local dealership and PQ was stunning in HD BTW
i would have seriously thought twice about buying one.

Im presuming the plasma's were just set up incredibly poorly but i was just curious to know if anyone
else has experienced the samething with curry's and comet, and do they deliberately set up plasma's
to look bad as they would prefer people to buy LCD's?

Paul MC007

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Well, I do know what you mean, but don't forget LCD screens to tend to display a more vibrant, brighter image than plasma (but of course, not necessarily a better picture)

I was in a large branch of Tesco's the other week and again, like you say, the plasma's looked very washed out and dull next to all the vibrant LCD screens.

I got a Panasonic 42" PX80 about 4 weeks ago (whilst they were £499 on offer in Curry's). When I got it home, after coming from a 32" CRT Widescreen (decent Sony one at that) it took some getting used to, because the picture looked so much "duller" than the CRT.

However, now, 4 weeks in, I cannot understand how I managed to watch such a bright picture on the CRT. I love the picture quality on this Panasonic and SD images from freeview (on high bitrate channels like the main 5) look stunning!


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the plasma can look dull in shops, but it is not the case once you get it home, and watch it in a normal room, with normal lighting.


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I actually just posted something similar in another thread. Have delivery pending of this puppy, but spotted it in currys and thought the whites in the advert looked extremely dull (to the point of looking brownish) in comparison to an Lcd I spotted. I gather that is usually the case with the Lcds, nonetheless I am swithering slightly. Been holding out for a reasonable price on this tv and the spec should deliver a quality set though. Perhaps it was the settings or lighting in the shop and the lcd was just overly bright which caused me to compare

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