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Hi all

Getting closer to parting with my hard earned cash on an Hitachi pd5000, but am concerned and confussed over all i have read on this excelent forum about different connections etc.

I am going to connect up to a Telewest cable box and Aiwa home cinema with a S-Video output. We will use this to replace our TV.

Where I am confussed and would appreciate some laymans explanation on is all the talk of connecting up by RGB, converters, VGA etc etc etc and how and why this would be better.

whilst 2.5K represents good value from RS for this panel, I can't afford an endless amounts of upgrades just to get a decent picture, but whant to understand how I can connect up for the best PQ and useability



I would connect as follows:::

cable box: good scart thats fully wired for RGB.
DVD: again use scart or s-vid. I think the RGB always lookes better than s-vid.

if your dvd has component and if ur plasma has it.... thats a definite one to go for.

You shouldnt have to many upgrades. Spend about £40 on scart, £20 on an s-vid or about £40 again on component.

Thats a rough guide as prices vary. best bet something like ebay cos its cheper.


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