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Im also getting a RGB>VGA converter, Is there 2 VGA inputs on the Panny or will i have to keep unpluging it when i want to swap sources.

Just the one VGA input as standard. :)


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I believe there's two VGA inputs if you have the full terminal board. The full terminal board has RGBHV input, which is shared as component video too. So it's certainly possible to have two VGA sources connected to a plasma.

However, it might be better to have a monitor switch. There's automatic once (KVM), but I'm not sure how good these are. Also, there's manual swtiches. Places to look are and

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What shape is the extra vga terminal, whats the serial port used for

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Assuming you've ordered a 6 Series Panasonic Display there is 1 x HD15 VGA connector built into the chassis of the display - this accepts PC (RGBHV) or YUV video signals.

The other D-Type socket on the chassis is a Serial port for talking to the comms port on your PC or to a control system such as AMX or Creston.

The chassis of your display has three expansion slots that can be populated with a variety of video input cards - the cards are rectangular (you did ask).

You can add a single slot HD15 card if you like or a single slot BNC terminal board (5xBNC for YUV or RGBHV) or the twin slot Combined board that offers you RGBHV on BNC + S-Video + Composite.

Alternatively you could add an external HD15 switch - I usually supply the Kramer VP-211NDS (£129+VAT) as it has selectable priority switching.

One advantage of adding a second card rather than the auto switch being you can have two sources displayed side by side or picture in picture if you go in on separate inputs.

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