Plasma connection headache


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Looking at getting the Panny and would want to connect up..

DVD Sony 7700

One thing that also concerns me is how to get sound from all the consoles, as at the moment all are connected via scart into the tv, and i use the tv audio out into the amp (at the moment Yamaha 630)

I was looking at getting a Lumagen Vision, but dont really know too much about this area, how many inputs does it have etc.

Any input would be welcome, as the connection headache is the only thing stopping me from getting the plasma


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Anyone? the snes isnt so much of a problem as i just switch the cable between that and the the cube.


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I currently have an iScan Ultra but am planning to get the HD version soon.

I take the RGB output from the Sky+ box via a JS Tech RGB-YUV converter to the Ultra which is then connected to the plasma via the 15pin VGA connector.

My Denon 2900 connects directly to the screen via an RCA component board.

I connect my PS/2, GC and XBOX to a Trilogy 1 SCART switcher which is then connected to the SCART input board on the Panny. The Trilogy 1 also has a seperate L & R audio output which I feed to the Analogue audio TV input on my Denon 3803 - I use the optical digital TV input for my Sky+ box and the amp switches between the two automatically. The unit switches automatically and I have not noticed any problems sofar.

I also have optical leads running from the PS/2 and XBOX to a switch box which then goes to the amp but means I have to manually switch inputs.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Lee


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I've got my XBox connected to Sky via a Microsoft Advanced SCART lead. This then goes via the DVD recorder to an RGB to Plasma VGA unit to the screen. My DVD player is currently connected via component video to the screen.

You've got a few extra games machines, for them you should have RGB SCART out too. I'd imagine you'd need to have a switcher of some sort. I'd connect all the games machines to this, and then put it via Sky. The Master SCART Controller would be fine if you didn't have as many inputs!

For the SNES, I think you can only get composite video, so a SCART to Phono lead would be fine for this.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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