plasma confusions :(


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have read a large chunk of the forums posts now - seems every plasma has fors and againsts - like everything - down to personal opinion and budget

im looking for a plasma - around the 42" size, budget upto £2,500, to display TV through a Freeview box, PS2 in pal and ntsc, and dvd movies in pal and ntsc.

not bothered about sound - have a home cinema kit already

just want a nice cheap plasma that will display my inputs without any problems - techwood ? thomson ?

anyone having a setup with similar inputs to these please post in what you have and how it is running please

cheers for any help


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I would highly recommend the Hitachi. I've recently got the 42PD3000 with speakers & tuner box but you could go for the 400E or new 5000 version from Richer Sounds for £2499.
I find DVD & sky PQ is excellent on mine.



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does anyone have a ps2 running through a budget plasma ?
can you still play lightgun games - eg - timecrisis 2 &3 ?



That techwood plasma they have going at dixons/currys looks pretty tasty for the price (£2000)

Make sure u get the muppets in the shop to hook a decent dvd player via RGB or component so you can get a decent demo.


i`m not sure if the light guns for game swork on pj`s or plasma:( :(


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someone i know replies:

I have the new Pioneer 434 and for DVD it's stunning. Gaming is a bit more of a mixed bag but overall i'm very happy with it. Some games look better than others. The only games that don't look too great are ones with a darker/duller sort of colour palette, mostly realistic racers. Having said that, Max Payne 2 looks great and so does the first level in Orta thanks to the brightness/contrast options. All depends on how well PS is done and whether the style suits plasma. Otogi 2 looks way better on CRT for example. Most colourful GC titles look lovely in 480p though - Zelda and Prime spring to mind and Xbox 720p is mind-blowing and kinda leaves me thinking my TV is too good for lower resolutions. If XBox 2 games are 720p standard (I wish), everyone will want a plasma. It's amazing how much better stuff like SC2, Amped 2, WSB2, Nitro Cart look than other Xbox games.

- Can u attain these modes, 480p, 720p etc on the £2k plasmas? Do they have progressive scan?

If u dont mind den, go ahead, but not all games will look as good as on CRTS, bear dat in mind.


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PS: Light guns on work on some LCD/Rear Projections, Plasma's a no no at the mo.

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